Renew your vows


Sometimes, for varying reasons, couples cannot enter into a legal marriage or partnership but would still like their commitment to each other reflected in a beautiful ceremony witnessed by family and friends.

If you are thinking of such a ceremony please contact me and I will be most willing to help you create the perfect blessing for such an occasion. I work exclusively in Scotland and speak English, French, and German. Your ceremony can be religious, inter-faith, spriritual, or humanist in nature according to your wishes and beliefs.

Others seek to have a vow renewal ceremony - a meaningful occasion where couples can reaffirm their commitment, their vows, to each other for the future and a time to pause and reflect on shared memories. It is a unique celebration and as such your occasion can be tailored with your specific relationship in mind. You may wish that friends and loved ones also take part in the ceremony, performing readings, or poetry or singing songs.

Such events last about 15 - 35 minutes and generally follow a format similar to a traditional wedding ceremony. But the way it looks and feels is something we will discuss so that it reflects your beliefs and wishes.

Your vow-renewal  ceremony can be religious, non religious, spiritual or humanist in nature.

If seeking a vow renewal ceremony, please contact me. I will ask you to complete a questionaire and then we correspond or talk by phone to create the perfect occasion.  

The fee for a vow renewal or commitment ceremony is £275 if held within the Edinburgh area although additional fees are payable should you request the ceemony in additional languages other than English.