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This page is for fees for ceremonies in Scotland for 2017/2018
Preferred method of payment is via my bank account. Details will be given at the time of booking. I accept only  British Pounds Sterling.
NB I do not accept PayPal.
Bespoke services and ceremonies
NB all Scottish ceremonies include the legal, civil element.unless otherwise stated.
You can however have a marriage blessing ceremony without the legal element with or without having carried out the legal ceremony elsewhere.
The following are my fees for ceremonies within the following areas - Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Perth.
Marriage / partnership legal or blessing ceremony - £350                       
Vow renewal ceremony -        £325     
Baby naming ceremony -       £175                                                                           
Funeral / memorial service  - £110


All cermonies are created to your specific wishes and circumstances.
If you ask for a ceremony in English and French, German or Spanish an extra fee of £200 will become due to account for additional time for tranaslation.

Travel and time

I am willing to travel outside my home area. However  this means I spend more on travelling time and fuel costs and in some cases, overnight accommodation and must charge for this. This then is reflected in additional fees which would be agreed beforehand. 


Fees reflect the following - 
All communication in the design and planning of your ceremony
Time to plan, prepare and deliver the ceremony
Travel and time costs if within my home area.
There are no hidden costs. The price quoted is the price you pay. 
Initial Consultation meeting
We do not HAVE to meet as all consultation can be done via questionnaire, e-mail or telephone. If you feel you would like an initial exploratory meeting please be aware I offer these ONLY in Edinburgh or Linlithgow.

All taxes are included in the above prices. You will be asked to make a non-refundable booking fee deposit of £50 to secure a booking.  

Fees reflect the following -

  • all ceremonies are created specifically for those concerned. I don´t, as many ministers do, offer "off-the-shelf" ceremonies which have been used many times over with only the names being changed. It takes time, therefore, to get to know people and their wishes and additional time may be needed where a multi-faith approach is needed

  • as much time and work goes into a ceremony with few guests as it does for a ceremony with large numbers of guests so the fee is the same

  • I don´t have a parish and as I get requests throughout the whole of Scotland, Spain and other European countries, then for most of my ceremonies I have to travel major distances which incur travel costs and significant time. if your ceremony is outside my home area, fees will be clearly stated before you commit to a booking. It is important to know though that I am not a local minister, just round the corner, on a salary or stipend and do not have the support of an organised church

  • because of the vast geography that I cover, I usually do not get to meet with couples until the day and so most communication is by phone and e-mail. 


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