Healing in Scotland

More and more, people are being influenced to give better attention to their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being.

More and more, they are looking to find ways of healing, and for many, to finding ways of helping others heal, and to help our world heal. Healing is not about curing.


My history in healing

I began my own healing journey when a few years after my 40th birthday I had what some may call a mid-life crisis. But this one I had been warned about.  At the time I was running a hotel in Northern Scotland which I owned with a business partner. One evening an American woman booked a table for dinner for herself and two gentelmen friends. At the end of the meal she told me that unless I "awoke" and "paid attention" then within a year I would lose everything and it would only be when I was on a "cold slab" in a local hospital, in agony, and on my way "out" I would hear a doctor say "we are losing him" and I would find myself in a tunnel of light being given a choice to "go home" or stay and do the work I "promised" to come and do this life round.

Now in those days, I didn't understand those terms and so promptly ignored this prophet of doom! Such was my lack of humility and consciousness at the time. But Spirit, the Universal Creator, has a way of getting our attention, and if we don't heed the small signs, then we sure will sit up when the big whammy hits.

And so a year later, in the space of one week, it happened - I lost my life partner, my business partner, some family and friends, my business, my wealth (through another's dishonest dealings), my lifestyle and, yes, my health. And yes I did find myself on that slab. And the "prophet" in question was none other than medical intuitive Caroline Myss.

After some time, about a year, I regained health and a new perspective on life and consciously a spiritual journey began.  I also began to train as a healer, first in spiritual healing, then in Reiki Healing, later in medical intuition or energy medicine, and much more recently, in March 2010, I became a qualified ThetaHealing™ practitioner.

ThetaHealing™ is a technique that teaches how to put to use our natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of the Creator Of All That Is to do the actual “work”. We believe by changing your brain wave cycle to include the “Theta” state, you can actually watch the Creator Of All That Is create instantaneous physical and emotional healing.


All of the above, including my personal experiences of disease and finding better ways to ill-health prevention and to health promotion and maintenance, in addition to establising Scotland's first holistic Sexual Health Charity, have drawn me to develop my own approaches to training in the healing arts.


Programmes of Training


I offer five healing training programmes but on an indidivudal request basis; no open programmes are planned for 2013:-

The Foundations in Healing is taught over two days and includes attunements to, but is not exclusively about, Reiki First Degree Level. The student is instructed on how to do a basic treatment (on self and on others) and is attuned with the Reiki energy to do so. Cost £125 - inclusive of light refreshment and manual- lunch not provided. Click here for programme content.

For those wishing to take their training further, there is a Second Degree which adds to the skills of the first degree and enables practitioners to add distance healing to their approach. This is taught over two days. Cost  £150 - inclusive of light refreshment and manual; lunch not included

The Third Degree is really only for those wishing to commit themselves to Reiki in a major way, to receive the master Reiki symbol, to give and receive healing, to integrate it into their lives and perhaps set up in practice. Taught over two days. Cost - £200 - inclusive of light refreshment and manual; lunch not included.

The Fourth Degree is for those who, after some experience of giving and receiving Reiki, wish to train to teach and attune others. This can be taught over two days or a series of four half days. Total cost inclusive of training manual - £300, lunch not included.


The fifth programme is "Energy Intuitive Healing "  - an introductory programme only currently run over two days but likely in 2013 to be extended to five days. Further information is here 

Courses are run in Scotland and mostly on a one-to-one basis. For further information please send an e-mail

Personal Healing Sessions

You may wish to meet with me for one-to-one healing sessions where I will draw on various healing modalities as seems to fit your situation. You will be encouraged and requried to be involved in your own healing process.  

The fee for a one-to-one session is £45 in Bo'ness, Scotland. Directions will be sent when your appointment is booked.


E-mail Andrew for further information.


Goddess Help and Healing





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The Healing Trust

Please click here to find information about Spiritual Healing and the former National Federation of Spiritual Healers now known as The Healing Trust.