Andrew Hunter Ministries - The Vision

The founder of Andrew Hunter Ministries, the Rev. Andrew Hunter, is an ordained Spiritual Minister and Director, a graduate of the Inter Faith Seminary, UK and has a background in broadcasting, education, counseling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, hotel management, establishing and directing voluntary organisations, as well as management training and consultancy. Most of his work has been fundamentally about communication and relationships.

His vision is for the beneficial changing of societal attitudes through the raising of human consciousness, leading to greater harmony, healing and peace in the world. His mission is to enable others to heal and find inner peace then to extend this to all they meet and all they do and are. He does this through his work with Andrew Hunter Ministries, individual healing sessions, peace ministry projects, ceremonies, celebrations, rituals, public speaking, broadcasting and retreat workshops.

The Specific Intention is:

to influence a global shift from the current paradigm of compliance, defiance and self-reliance to one of alliance and unity ie:

Living interdependantly
Creating and contributing to the unity and harmony of humankind
Being of service for the greater good of others and the planet
Adding value to our own lives and those of others
Internalising and heeding the Divine will
Being inspirational(not just entrepreneurial), leading not being led
Developing an attitude and practice of sharing

to promote peace at every level & individual, family, community, nation, and worldwide.

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