Civil Marriage and Blessing Ceremonies in Scotland

Kathy and Stu
The Wedding of Katy and
Stu at Tikitano,
September 2007
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IMPORTANT NOTICE   - I live and work primarily within a triangle of Edinburgh, Perth, and Glasgiow, defined as my home area.

FEES .   My fee for a marriage ceremony in the area of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Perth is £325. Please click Fees or use the menu to the left to learn more.

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Martin Luther King once said;- "there is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage. "

In her book "Joining Hearts and Minds" Susanna Stefanichi Macomb says of marriage is of the heart is" the place where two hearts beat as one, two souls comfort each other for the rest of their lives, children, gifts from the Divine, come from this union. Marriage is a force rooted in love and much greater than our common understanding."                                           

If you are looking for a celebrant who will offer you flexibilty and choice in how your marriage ceremony will be then let me help. I uniquely tailor my ceremonies to each couple's specific wishes and don't use standard time worn ceremonies. In Scotland I perform the Legal Ceremony under licence from the Registrar General so that your ceremony includes the legal element.

Many denominational Ministers, Priests, and other celebrants may offer you little choice or say in the design of what is probably the most important ceremony in your life. So if you are looking for a celebrant who will listen to your ideas and use these to create the ceremony of your choice, then please contact me.

It is important that you set out to plan for something that fits your needs and wishes - and not settle for second best. For example you may wish to have a ceremony which is more spiritual, religious, non-religious, inter-faith, or indeed humanist (ie no mention of religion) in nature and you may be looking for something that looks quite traditional or something more informal and contemporary. I work with you to create what you desire.

When you book your bespoke ceremony with me, you will receive:

  • An introductory letter summarising the range of possibilities for your ceremony, how I work, and how to confirm your booking
  • A questionnaire, outlining all the information I will need from you to help me design a ceremony specific to your wishes


Other complimentary documents are also available after you have confirmed your booking. These include:- 


  • A selection of vows and suggestions on how to create your own
  • A selection of readings
  • Information on different rituals used by couples
  • Tips on speaking in public - too many ceremonies in my view are spoiled by speakers who cannot be heard!
  • Marriage ceremony etiquette
  • A planning rundown for your ceremony - things to think about and put in place

Many feel that traditional approaches to marriage are not for them and seek more flexibilty to take account of their personal wishes and circumstances.


  • Registry Office weddings are often time-bound and allow little opportunity for creativity and freedom of expression. They also do not allow any mention of anything religious or spiritual, nor readings nor rituals nor hymns / songs.
  • Church weddings often conform to quite a rigid pattern, usually only allowing their own religion to be mentioned, and many priests and ministers are reluctant to marry anyone other than regular church-goers. They are also quite restrictive when it comes to which hymns, songs, and readings you may choose, if allowing them at all.


There are those couples also who do not wish to or cannot commit to a legal ceremony but somehow want their relationship honoured and blessed in front of family and friends.

Whatever your situation, it would be my great pleasure to help you create the ceremony that is just right for you and which honours your background, your religion and faith if any, your beliefs and values and circumstances.


If you want to book me as your celebrant, please check my availability BEFORE you book the hotel, transport, and other requirements.



In Scotland, I offer a full legal marriage ceremony (on licence from the Registrar General for Scotland.) I also offer marriage / relationship blessing ceremonies for those who complete the legal element elsewhere or who do not wish a legal ceremony. For a legal ceremony you the couple must still give notice to the registrar in the area in which you wish your ceremony to be held. I am not allowed to do that for you (ie apply for your permission to marry.)


For some, I find they want something that looks like a traditional wedding of their own faith, others wish something less religious and more spiritual and they perhaps would include readings, songs, dance, poetry, from various religious or spiritual background.


Same gender couples in the UK can have their partnership legally recognised. For more information go to

Others ask me to prepare a ceremony that is non-religious or has no spiritual aspect to it; they may have a wish for a more earth oriented or humanitarian approach.


The important thing is that we work well together to create the ceremony that YOU want, not one that someone else tells you to have. Click here for a sample outline of a marriage ceremony.



You and I don't have to meet before hand; very often geography precludes this especially since most couples live far away from my hometown, mostly in other countries. If you wish to visit with me, in Edinburgh or Linlithgow, then that can be arranged. However the whole ceremony can be arranged between us by e-mail and telephone.

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