We are moving from an era where technology, money and other forms of materialism were all important, to a time when relationships and living in unity are evermore crucial, a time where a relationship with the Divine needs to be at the centre of our lives. We need to change our ideas about God, or whatever you choose to call the Divine. We need to move from being selfish and territorial and separatist to joining for the greater good of all. Many are wrestling with this; how can they live a deeply spiritual life, a life of service to the Divine, to the greater good of humankind whilst at the same time holding down busy and complex lives.

In bygone days, people would retreat from the ever growing struggle of busy everyday lives to become mystics in remote mountain monasteries. But these days, the struggle for many is how to lead a more mystical life amid the mayhem of contemporary life, without hiding away in the cloisters.

Our challenge is this - how do we influence change in all that is holding back beneficial individual and collective evolution and at the same time live life in a way that means we are the peace we seek? In short we must learn to deal with all the hassle and aggro that exists and at the same time hold fast to a vision for a different world, a world of peace, harmony, and unity, a world of devotion to the Divine.

My ministry is my calling; to help people raise their consciousness: to live in accordance with this raised awareness and extend peace to others and more widely to the universe. It is about earthing spirituality and mysticism and transforming all aspects of daily living into a holy encounter where our connection with God (not in any specific religion sense), the Source, The Universal Wisdom, call it what you will, is central . and our service to others in pursuit of a peace filled world, essential. Key to this is very simply daily practices of healing, meditation, prayer and making every service one of love in action.

At the heart of the ministry is the desire to help people explore the perennial teachings found at the very centre of all traditions and how to begin to apply those in daily living. To understand the teachings it is vital to have a strong grasp of the relationship between religion, spirituality, and mysticism. These three related but distinct levels of understanding are often experienced by seekers and those that "happen upon them" almost as a progression on their journey of awakening. In brief we may look at this progression like this:


Being with your tribe or clan
Knowing about God

Personal transformation
Breaking out
Personal experience of God
Essence of religion

Impersonal enlightenment
Working for unity
Being One with God
Essence of spirituality

An interest in religion or indeed a decision to have nothing to do with religion often leads a seeker to the spiritual path. An understanding of mysticism is what helps them stop seeking and finally arrive and live. In times past, the mystic often withdrew from society into a life of total contemplation and connection with the Divine. The path of modern mystics is more about seeking the Divine whilst holding down jobs and caring for family and friends, and facing the many challenges life puts in front of them.

If this is for you then please join us in a journey towards personal and planetary healing, personal and planetary peace.