Civil Partnership and Same Gender Ceremonies in Scotland

Same Gender

Same Gender Partnership Blessing & Commitment Ceremonies

I am a fully ordained Inter-faith Minister of the Interfaith Seminary London and have been conducting wedding blessings, baby naming ceremonies, and funeral services since 2000. I offer services to all, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or none.

With regard to ceremonies for gay men and women, what I offer allows for their hopes, approach and ideas to be fully respected. As a couple you can have full confidence knowing that for you and your guests it will be a significant and meaningful occasion.

Couples may wish to legally register their union in a private ceremony but have a full celebration and ceremony with family and friends in a setting of their choosing and with a ceremony of their choosing (which I can perform anywhere.) For some it may be a very important part of the occasion to have the union blessed by a minister.

Legal ceremony In Scotland I seek a icense from the registrar General to perform the legal ceremony.

Blessing ceremony only. Some couples who arrange for me to conduct their blessing book to visit a Registry Office either on the same day as their planned ceremony or on the day before, or during the week before the ceremony. They can then attend the Registry Office, answer the mandatory legal questions and complete the documents. They do not have to exchange rings or have an involved ceremony although what they have is entirely their choice. The whole process can be short and fulfills the legal aspects but what may be of greater significance to the couple is a blessing ceremony to follow with me and their family and friends.

What I Provide.

It may be that you the couple simply want  a short legal ceremony in front of family and friends.

Sometimes I am asked to perform what looks like a completely traditional wedding ceremony,  the civil part having been undertaken prior to the ceremony (see above.) It would be experienced exactly as a traditional church-style wedding, or if the couple are not religious to have a spiritual or secular version of the above in a place of their choosing.

On the other hand, I am often asked for a service that has been individually and imaginatively created to reflect the beliefs, values and style of the couple. Again, this can be religious, spiritual or secular. Many people have something in between. The point is that everything is flexible and everything is open for choice. My role is to help you decide what is best for you.

I like to find out exactly what sort of service the couple are hoping for and help them decide the nature, form and content of the ceremony, including help with creating vows etc. If you wish to proceed, I can send you a questionnaire which gives me the basic information I need and which we use to build to your ceremony of choice.

In addition to the content there is, of course, complete choice about the venue for the ceremony. It can be inside or outside, in any building or situation, however ordinary, special or extraordinary. It is your choice which matters (though for me I don't do parachute jumps or underwater ceremonies!)

I aim to provide a very personal and high quality service and regard it as a privilege to be able to share such an important part of a couple's lives. I never try to influence a couple in any direction but aim to fully respect and value the beliefs and values they hold.

My desire for your special day is to create and provide a personal, sensitive and beautiful ceremony, which will be regarded as one of the special highlights of your lives together.

In summary, I find some gay couples want something that looks like a traditional wedding of their own faith, others wish something less religious or traditional and more spiritual and they perhaps would include readings, songs, dance, poetry, from various religious or spiritual backgrounds, or not. Others ask me to prepare a ceremony that has no religious or spiritual aspect to it; they may have a wish for a more earth oriented or humanitarian approach. The important thing is that we work well together to create the ceremony that YOU want, not one that someone else tells you to have, or that society deems you should have.

Whatever your wish, I hope we may work together to create exactly what is right for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Here is a list of likely elements for a possible Order of Service / Ceremony.

Please note that this is only a rough outline . I prefer to work with the couple to develop a ceremony that is in nature and form one of THEIR choosing.

Title for the Service ( e.g. is it a Wedding Service, Wedding Blessing, Ceremony or Celebration of Marriage, commitment ceremony )

Guests foregather.

The couple and any special attendees make their way to the front where the proceedings will take place.

Welcomes and introductions ( reflecting the beliefs and values of the couple, the spiritual or natural tone of the ceremony eg some couples wish for a specifically religious ceremony to reflect both their religious views ? even if different, or a more spiritual ceremony, or something of a more humanist nature. I see my role as helping create what is appropriate for you.)

Short address on the importance of relationship ? I am guided here by whatever the couple feel is important in THEIR relationship

Statements of Intent ( e.g. this is akin to the ?Do you, N, take N to be your partner??

Exchange of promises (or vows) (I encourage the couple to create their own meaningfully worded vows ? and each can have his / her own different set)

Confirmation of promises of support from assembled guests

Giving / Receiving rings if a religious / spiritual ceremony, a short blessing of the rings will take place first

Words of Blessing, Offering, Encouragement, Support, Dedication and Prayer (if religious)

Signing or Certification of the Wedding ? not all couples ask for this

Introduction of the couple to their guests

Appropriate Symbols and Music may also add to the sense of celebration. At various moments in the ceremony couples sometimes have friends to give readings, sing or sometimes (it has been known) dance!

This is your day and my wish is to help create a ceremony that matches your own thoughts and wishes.

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