Spiritual Guidance or Help for Life's journey

Please note:- I no longer offer one-on-one or couple counselling sessions unless indivdiuals are willing to work spiritually.

 I only now offer Spiritual Direction for those wishing to make a serious commitment to finding and walking their own spiritual path.


Where is your life headed? 


Do you wake up each day and really look forward to it?

Or are you constantly chasing your tail?
Is life overwhelming, when you would prefer more peace and inner contentment?
Are you finding it difficult to get answers to the big questions in life?


Is it time to change the direction of your life?
If any of the following apply, the chances are the answer is “yes” 

A feeling of lack in life – lack of meaning and purpose, health and vitality, meaning and fulfilment

A sense of being stuck, often in mediocrity or pain, emotional or physical

A desire to live a life more in Love, service and contribution to the greater good

Puzzling why “bad things keep happening to good people” yourself included

A real inner call for your soul to a closer walk with the Divine.

If so:-

Discover the importance of developing new attitudes and perspectives to life and living!

Clear the past – your limiting beliefs and wounds and focus developing a mindset that can help move you forward.

Explore the energy shifts that are taking place in the world at this time, how they affect you, and how you can manage them more effectively.

Commit to walking a more spiritually based life by exploring daily practices that lead you more and more each day to walk in divine grace and love.


Welcome to your soul’s journey

Many at this time are experiencing some form of spiritual wake-up call though they may not (choose to) use that term. Some feel this as a “crisis” and for others it seems life is simply almost too chaotic for words.  
What is happening is that we are each being called to live with more mindfulness, a raised consciousness, and to live more soulfully and from the heart. Yet many have no iddea what is going on or that that is what their experiences mean. And many of the present counselling and self-help techniques that serve the personality and the mind do not work with the soul.
As we raise our consciousness we need new ways and processes:-
  • to create more balance between our lower-self logical mind and engage with our higher mind, to give in less to our lower ego self which keeps us stuck and repeating dysfunctional patterns and instead engage more with our Higher Self which is Soul led, about Love with a capital L 
  • to better understand the tensions and synchronicities of life, the seemingly impersonal, universal, causative, natural and spiritual forces of life that guide us into soulful living
  • to accept a life purpose which is less about "me,me,me" and more about soul purpose service, your contribution to humanity   



Increasingly I find many of my clients do not want the discipline or inconvenience of taking time out from work to turn up for a face-to-face appointment. Others do not like sitting in front of a therapist and often leave a session regretting what they did say and feeling disappointed at what they didn’t think to say at the time. And sometimes, we just cannot find someone local to us who can help. For these and other reasons it can be just as beneficial, if not more so, to work by e-mail.  

When we work by e-mail:-

1.       We each get copies of what is being written – helpful to track progress, and plan ahead

2.       You decide when is best to read my responses to you and can take time to think and feel more deeply about when and how to reply  – you are not restricted to pre-arranged appointment times. 

 3.       I have more time to carefully consider your issues then provide you with a detailed, highly personalised response, including guidance for the way ahead.

4.       Writing your responses means you don’t just “shoot from the hip” or give instant answers; you get to take your time and go beyond your conscious mind and draw more on your other than conscious and creative resources  

5.       Each of my responses will also include attachments with guidance and activities to help you grow and develop, and make the changes you choose to  


My aim
My aim is to help you see your situation in a different light, often from a wider perspective,  to support you to work from the inside out to explore and create different approaches to finding clearer purpose and meaning in your life.
How we would work
1.       My intention is to help you delve deep to bring awareness to your core wounds, years of conditioning, your fundamental fears, and your shadows – the parts of your being that are currently unconscious. I invite you to shine the light of understanding and acceptance on your shadows for spiritual growth to occur. Go into a dark room and you feel scared; but shine your torch and bit by bit you begin to see what is there, most of it no need to be scared about, but perhaps most of what you find is now in need of clearing. So we work on revealing and letting go of old perceptions, past conditioning, unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs.
2.       But running parallel to this, most often cognitive process, I also invite you to work on opening to experiencing your own spirituality. This is not about religion. We will clarify how you identify with the divine and explore how it works through you right now, experience new ways to connect with your soul and allow its unique expression through you. We will work at the limits of your thinking, the borders of your comfort zone, at the threshold of your fears – this is where breakthrough and transformation occurs.
3.       So whilst we dip into the past, and have a sense or vision for the future, the idea is that you live in the NOW authentically and as joyfully as much as you can.
My email Directing process requires much inner work and self honesty and commitment.It requires time to complete your assignments – it is easy to pick up when someone has dashed something off at the last minute. So you need to be disciplined and dedicated; to not be so means you only deny yourself your own gifts.
 How committed are you to letting go of present dramas, self-sabotage, mediocrity, ego pride and inertia in your life?
How committed are you to giving time and honesty and at times what will feel like hard work to shift your life in a healthier direction?
You cannot expect different results
if you keep on thinking, believing and acting in the same old ways.

The detail
A session with me consists of 
1. One detailed e-mail from you at the outset describing your issue. (Further e-mails from you will be based both on any responses, questions, growthwork I have provided and your detailed responses to those, plus any questions you may have.
2. My one response to that - which will be detailed and will consist of my intuitions, questions for further exploration, new perspectives, and exercises or reading so you begin to understand the bigger picture of the issue or situation. I take at least three hours to consider and reply to your comments and provide further growthwork for your next session. You are asked to let me know if you desire a further session.even if you don't, you will be left with much that can take you on the next few steps of your journey.
The cost
The fee for one e-mail session as detailed above is £75 – each session must be paid in advance by PayPal via my website www.andrewhunter.eu    NB You do NOT need a PayPal account .
The fee for a face-to-face consultation in Bo'ness, Scotland is £45.
If you confirm you need a further session, this too is to be paid in advance.
How do I get started?
Advise me that you wish to engage in the first session and give me a brief overview of what you want to explore in the session. Do not pay at this time. If the subject is something that is not within my gift, I will let you know. If I can help you, I will then advise you to pay and issue you a PayPal invoice and invite you to complete and provide the following:-


  1. First name only
  2. E-mail address
  3. Place of residence (not your address)
  4. Nationality (this is important as cultures look differently at life's issues)
  5. Your date of birth
  6. Tell me a little bit about you. Who are you? (This may be quite challenging so do your best.)
  7. How would you prefer your life to be? Don't take constraints into account. What are you seeking in your life?
  8. What top 5 values are most important to you?
  9. What are your top strengths and top weaknesses?
  10. What has made you decided to seek help at this time? What tensions, callenges, difficulties are in your life and which you want to address by using this e-mail helping process?
  11. How do you presently try to overcome the challenges you have outlined?
  12. What do you do presently to aid your spiritual development?
  13. How will you know this process between us has been effective for you?
  14. How do you experience your heart and soul in your life right now? (This is a tough question so do your best and take your time.)
  15. What recurring health and major life challenges (financial, relationships, health, career, personal growth, etc.) do you often experience?
  16. How are you resisting moving forward? How are you perhaps sabotaging your progress?
I often come back to these words when a client seems reluctant to move forward.
Come to the edge, he said.
But wait, they said.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came.
He pushed them. . .and they flew.
Guillaume Apollinaire, 1761 and William Logue (1926 -)
Creating a new life based on the authentic you often takes you to the edge of something new, which, just as often, creates resistance.
So breakthrough the resistances, forge ahead, take that next first step.  If you stop you can’t succeed.
To contact me – please e-mail me.