Change and Transformation


Easter reminds us of change and transformation

Change can be a challenge for those who cling to the comfort of the familiar, stay “in the box”, in their comfort zone, for those who seek certainty and guarantees in life.

But safety in the familiar is simply an illusion; it’s just that it seems more palatable than the potential adventure and expansion into the unknown. And guarantees more and more are almost only valid only on the day they were agreed.

In the midst of changes of life's circumstances, we have the opportunity to consciously choose how we will perceive any changes. We can see them as a blessing, a means to grow and blossom, or filled with fear, uncertainty and pain.

When we choose to go with the flow of change, we have the opportunity to experience a sense of inner peace and personal empowerment. In this way, we are aligning back to our centre, with renewed love, peace, joy and power.

What you do not like or you resist or you do not understand about yourself, when ignored and left unattended becomes like a free radical in your system, doing untold damage.
So begin to accept that for as long as you are alive, you will encounter cross roads, challenges and opportunities. No organism or organisation, and that includes you and me, exists outside the dynamic of change that is always taking place, no matter how many safeguards we put in place.