Spiritual Retreats in Scotland

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Do you need to take time out just for you?

Is your world so overwhelming, its noise so frenetic, and the pace so fast, that you need time out to be silent, to reflect, to recharge and reconnect to what is important to you?

Do you crave silence and peace but not externally, more internally?

Throughout the ages wise people have realised that we live in two worlds at the same time, a physical outer world and a deeper inner spiritual world. The problem is that we get so absorbed by the state of our physical outer world that we don't spend enough time on the spiritual world within us.

Sometimes we fool ourselves into believing we are on a spiritual path, we read the right books, get the right DVDs, go on workshops and cruises, and yet we keep on making the same crazy mistakes and we seldom live by the spiritual truths we admire. Often this is because we get sucked into the energy of the external world.

The Simplicity Weekend– aims to enable people find ways to experience more stillness, silence, solitude, simplicity, sacredness and soul in life. It is offered in response to the many who contact me and say their lives are very busy, they need time out, they feel lost, they need to connect to a different less frenetic way of life.

Taking time out on such a weekend and leaving behind the problems of a busy materialistic world can provide an opportunity to think more deeply about what is going on in your inner world and what your life is really all about. Just as your car needs regular maintenance, so too do your mind, body and soul need time out and silence - to repair and replenish.       In addition to meditations, guided visualisations, moments of silence, short inputs, and practical steps, there will be open times for people to wander on the beach, have treatments in the hotel spa, go swimming, take time out.

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In the event we have to cancel the weekend, you will be refunded all fees paid to us.

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