Welcome to my web site.

Andrew Hunter WelcomeI am Andrew Hunter, an ordained Inter-Faith Minister of the Inter Faith Seminary UK. Inter Faith Ministers are trained to respect people of all religious and spiritual beliefs, as well as those who have none.

Since 2000 I worked primarily throughout the Costas of Andalucia, as well as other parts of Spain, throughout Scotland, and often elsewhere throughout Europe. I now work only in Scotland where I offer legal, civil marriage ceremonies, including same gender blessings, each designed uniquely to your special wishes and any faith beliefs (or none).

Many people I meet are on a quest to find a purpose to their lives and often wonder why the world seems in such a sorry state. They are in desperate need of healing, of finding peace and are anxious to live in such a way so as to make a difference to the world.

Others I meet are seeking ceremonies and rituals but without the restrictions often placed by laws and religions.

My prayer is that this website will help you on many levels and that you will be inspired to break free of constraints and find the joyous life you came here to live, to find Love and be beacons of peace.

If we each help just one person heal and find peace we will have served the world well.

Who will you help today?
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